Seminar with Russell and Linda Delman

„The Embodied Life™: Presencing and Visioning“

These extraordinary times provide great challenges and remarkable opportunities for transforming our lives and impacting the world in positive ways. In our experience, two of the most essential capacities for shaping our individual and collective futures are what we call: „Presencing and Visioning“.

Clarifying a few terms:

Presencing – The process of engaging fully in the present moment. When „presencing a moment“, you are experiencing the here and now as an integration of: body, mind, heart, nature and your social world – cultivating the art of Being and authenticity.
Visioning – From this state of presencing, you can open to images, directions and guidance from „the wisdom body“, a source of reliable intuitions for your unique life.
Embodiment – Being grounded and centered in one’s physical body – a reliable path to presencing the moment.
The Embodied Life is an integrated path of insight and awakening.

Connecting present moment awareness with your intentions and dreams for the future creates a meaningful life.

 Sitting quietly and caringly with your thoughts
Mindfully welcoming your feelings
Finding comfort in your body

Listening Deeply…


The seminar will include:

Embodied meditation – A bare-bones, non-ideological approach to experiencing the present moment. This is the basis for being at home in ourselves. Chairs are available and lying down is possible when needed.
Embodied Inquiry – A variety of awareness experiments for uncovering obstacles to being present and inviting a clear sense of direction. Learning to bring a caring, curious presence to our emotions and “negative” thoughts is truly transformative.
Embodied Movement Practices  – 1) Feldenkrais® movement lessons are powerful, neurologically-based motor sequences that invite a deepening of body awareness and unwinding of dysfunctional patterns. 2) You will learn simple, standing movements based in archetypal patterns found in art throughout the world, inviting potent, life-giving experiences.

Each day will include short meditations, awareness practices, movement lessons and interactive talks/conversations.

This workshop is open to all people, those completely new to these practices and experienced students.


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Registration for the seminar:
Regular Seminar fee: 390 Euro, Early Bird until March 15: 350 Euro

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