Formia (IT)

Global change from a spiritual perspective – Formia (IT)

We are all aware, that the humanity of to-day is facing challenges – locally and globaly – as never before: climate change, social injustice, the inbalance of poverty and richness; further the issues of ecology, drinking water supply, resources and energy etc. The list is nearly endless. It is in fact an invitation for us human beings fo look out for a deeper understanding, what is happening in our world.
Einstein pointed out that we are not able to solve problems on the level there were created. We have to look from a higher perspective in order to recognize its underlying pattern finding solutions. Analyzing in depth the root of to-days challenges, we could describe it as an evolutionary crises. It means, that we human being can destroy our planet or go a step further in our development. What is the essence of that step? To understand deeply in our heart, that life is inseparably one.
If many of us realize this as a way of living, we have a chance to create together a more peaceful world – a world, that is in harmony with all that exists.

This conference meeting will be in one of the most evocative and conciliatory places of our Formian land, the small port CAPOSELE in Vindicio and precisely the TERRACE of the NAUTICAL CLOSELE CLUB at 20.30.

Location:                 Terrazza del Circolo Nautico Caposele – Formia  (near ancient port – Club Caposele)

Start:                         Friday, June 14th, 20.30 pm

End:                           Friday, June 14th, 21.30 pm

Cost:                          Free

Registration:         Free